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The Original Rose Teddy Bear [FREE Gift Box Included]

The Original Rose Teddy Bear [FREE Gift Box Included]

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Give your special loved one a gift made of roses that will last forever! 

Expertly hand crafted gorgeous teddy bear made of super soft artificial roses in an array of romantic colors.


  • LONG-LASTING: These bears will keep their attractive appearance and original colors, to make their owner happy forever! 
  • UNIQUE: Our bear is a unique gift, so this is a surprise that is not just the sweetest, but truly different and memorable, unlike any other.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Thanks to high-quality hand assembly, the flowers fit tightly together, so they will not fall off and have no gaps.  Each Bear is Hand made of roses to keep a neat appearance, even if they're constantly hugged!
  • ABSOLUTELY SAFE: The roses are NOT real they are 3D latex roses. They are absolutely safe and do not cause any allergies.
  • SIZE:  10"

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